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Commercial Cleaning Service

Our team at Res-Q may be small in size, but we are mighty in power, thanks to our “monster” truck-powered vacuum that allows us to suction a 22-floor high-rise hotel, or any commercial building comprised of high square footage. Our commercial cleaning service is meant for hotels, resorts, condominium complexes, banks, hospitals, schools, churches and restaurants.

No one else in the area is equipped with this monster vac. Each truck creates a massive negative air flow to remove the dirt, dust, debris and allergens from the larger, more complex air ducts of a commercial system. You can trust us to handle the complexities of multi-zone or dual-deck systems with large air handling units, so you and your employees, residents or guests can breathe easier.

Benefits of our commercial grade air duct cleaning include:

*Improved indoor air quality. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety report that occupants in buildings where ducts have not been cleaned are 60% more likely to develop respiratory illnesses. Let us remove the sources of these contaminants, such as mold, bacteria, animal remains (mice, birds or squirrels), fiberglass insulation fibers and more.

*Improved energy efficiency. Utility expenses represent a huge chunk of your operational budget. In fact, according to the US Small Business Administration, about 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings are from HVAC systems. A good commercial cleaning of duct work, air handlers, evaporator coils and condensate coils by our Res-Q team will save you energy and money. It’s just good business management.

We’d be happy to go over a cost-effective plan for your business to conserve energy, cut operating costs and increase your profits – and to maintain your air system’s efficiency season after season.

Call on our Res-Q of Myrtle Beach to save you time, money and environmental energy. We’re standing by to answer your call and provide you the best quality air duct cleaning services around at 843-882-7377.


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