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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

We know your residents or hotel guests make heavy use of your clothes washer and dryer on your commercial property. That heavy use then cycles through load after load of laundry, of course, which leaves behind a risky buildup of lint, dust and debris in your vents – and increases the risk of a dryer fire in your home. That's when our commercial dryer vent cleaning services are most needed.

Our technicians here at Res-Q are experienced in providing dryer vent and exhaust vent cleaning services for homes and commercial properties, including apartment and condo developments, which will prevent any potential fire and improve the efficiency and life of your dryer.

Regular dryer vent cleaning will:

*Reduce the risk of home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

*Reduce dryer wear and tear. If the vent isn’t clean, your dryer most likely is working too hard and running at a hotter temperature.

*Increase dryer efficiency to save you time, energy and money.

And when we arrive to clean your dryer vent, you can expect a seamless, proficient process that includes a:

*System evaluation, to inspect your dryer vent system and check that your dryer’s mechanical and electrical elements are in proper working condition.

*Vent cleaning, using special air tools that loosen and remove all lint and debris residue. The time it takes for this step all depends on the size, length and construction of your vent, as well as the amount of lint buildup.

*Cleaning review. This includes an analysis of the vent to examine its health status and to determine when the next visit should occur. We want you to ask any questions at this time, as we share some tips with you to maintain your dryer vent health.

Call on our Res-Q team to save you time, money and environmental energy. We’re standing by to answer your call and provide you the best quality air duct cleaning services around at 843-882-7377.


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