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Air Duct Cleaning Questions

Below are a few air duct cleaning questions which we are asked on a frequent basis:

Q: What can we expect to be removed during a duct cleaning visit?

A: Our experienced technicians use only the most advanced technology in this industry to remove:
-Dust and dust mites
-Dirt and debris
-Bacteria and organic growth
-Vermin, rodents, or insects
-Wood shavings, drywall dust, and carpet fibers
-Pet dander
-Unnecessary moisture

Q: Will you discuss details with us before you start on our project?

A: Before we even step foot onto your property to begin, we make sure you understand exactly what is being cleaned, how much time we expect it to take and guarantee that we will perform the task on the budget we’ve discussed.

Q: What is your service area?

A: Res-Q is here to clear the air for new and existing residential properties from Little River to Murrells Inlet.

Q: What does your dryer vent cleaning service encompass?

A: Our technicians here at Res-Q are experienced in providing dryer vent and exhaust vent cleaning services for homes and commercial properties, including apartment and condo developments, which will prevent any potential fire and improve the efficiency and life of your dryer.

Q: What makes your commercial air duct cleaning service stand out from the rest of the competition?

A: No one else in the area is equipped with a monster vac like we are. Each truck creates a massive negative air flow to remove the dirt, dust, debris and allergens from the larger, more complex air ducts of a commercial system. You can trust us to handle the complexities of multi-zone or dual-deck systems with large air handling units, so you and your employees, residents or guests can breathe easier.

Q: Do you have any helpful tips to conserve energy around the house in between air duct cleaning visits?

A: Sure, here are a handful of tips for you to follow:
*Check your air filter and clean or replace it regularly if it’s dirty.
*Get your HVAC system inspected to make sure it’s leak-free and running efficiently. We can help you with that, too.
*Clear the area around where your A/C vents to the outside for the best ventilation. Outside, clear any debris or other items from the area where you’re A/C stands.
*Make sure your A/C’s fresh air vent is closed, so you’re not spending extra money cooling outside air.
*Hang laundry outside in warmer weather for a fresh air clothes dryer.
*Turn bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans off about 10 minutes after use to avoid pushing cooled air out of your house.
*Use room fans to keep you cool
*Caulk gaps and cracks around drafty door frames and windows to prevent warm air from entering your home on hot summer days.
*Install a door sweep on your garage door to seal the gap between the bottom of your door and the threshold.
*Use outdoor awnings to protect your home from the sun year-round; you could also paint your house a light color to reflect heat.


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