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Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning Customers

Below are a few testimonials from dryer vent and air duct cleaning customers:

“These guys were absolute professionals! My dryer was taking four cycles to dry regular weight cotton cloths. They checked my system and found that lint had been accumulating over the years inside the exhaust pipe and in the dryer chambers. The cause of the problem was found to be a Fantech booster fan at the end of the duct work that was never installed properly. As such, this environment created a potential fire hazard!

"They explained that they have seen many issues with the way these fans were installed in many condos throughout the Myrtle Beach area. As part of their cleaning process, they always remove these fans from the duct work, clean them out, and inspect them for any problems. I expected to have to pay extra for this repair or possible have to pay for a new booster fan to the tune of $250 to $350 installed. Instead, they simply connected the wires according the wiring diagram and consistent with another fan that they had on their truck.

“As part of the service, RESQ staff also cleaned the dryer vent – a 30-foot run with some twists and turns from dryer to the outside using special patented cleaning nozzles that worked with forced air. This technology allows them to easily reach all the twists and turns in the duct work without compromising any of the connections within the wall. Other companies might use brushes and vacuums to clean duct work which work well but can also compromise piping connections within the wall, especially at turns.

“In all, RESQ provided exceptional service, using state of the art cleaning equipment (fast, efficient and no mess) and stayed within their quoted price. My dryer is now working better than it ever was. A load that took 4 drying cycles now dries in 1 cycle! That's saving me 3 times my previous cost for running the dryer! Furthermore, annual dryer vent inspections and cleaning are estimated to be $45 to $65 since my dryer is now in top working order!”
–Anonymous Review on Angie’s List

“Our home is 27 years old and it was definitely time to clean our air conditioning ducts. Our regular service company gave us a quote of more than a thousand dollars so I thought I would shop around. I called ResQ for a quote from an ad in Val PAC and Rich, the owner, gave me a quote over the phone for $299, including our dryer vent. Rich showed us with pictures on his phone what the problem was. The runs to two rooms were buried under insulation in the attic and both were crimped, restricting the air flow. He repaired both runs and patched some holes and sealed some leaks at no extra charge. And what a difference it made. Our upstairs unit was always working too hard to heat and cool and I’m sure now we will see a big difference in our electric bill. And the actual cleaning of the ducts and returns was completed to our complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs this type of service.”
–Anonymous Review on Angie’s List


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